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The Right Type of Food for Small Dogs

The Right Type of Food for Small Dogs

Dogs are awesome and should never ever be banned from our lives. They are truly man’s best friend. But even as happy as your dog is, you can’t help but wonder. Am I honestly giving my dog all that it’s giving me? You go out and buy him brand new kennels, clothes, collars, toys, Hell your dog stops sleeping in her own bed and moves into yours and why not? You love your dog and she loves you. Although there are some things like nutrition that need to forgo all the extras.

Is my dog eating right?

The truth is smaller dog breeds need more calories per pound compared to bigger breeds. A balanced diet should include a wide variety of grains, fruits and vegetables. The myth that “dogs are carnivores” and therefore should only eat meat may once have been true when they were wolves but the fact is they need a balance. Don’t get me wrong the truth is that preferably a MEAT BASED diet is what’s best for your dog, especially when they are younger. When dealing with smaller breed puppies it is imperative that they eat three meals a day until they are approximately 6 to 8 months old. Smaller breed puppies require a more strict dietary care in order to avoid hypoglycemia which can also cause ear infections in dogs. So don’t over feed! And of course use the right type of dog ear medicine if and when the need arises.

The best food choices

You ultimately want your dog to get the best nutritional value. They should have a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins. I suggest looking for a chicken based diet, of course a beef, lamb and even fish diet can work all depending on your pocket. Ultimately today’s world offers us a variety when looking for dog food. Just scroll through the shelves of your nearest supermarket and browse through the selection of kibble they offer because that’s the best food out for your dog.

All of them have instructions on how much to feed your pit bull, making it a lot easier. One thing you must not forget in your dogs diet is water. Smaller puppies are technically about 80% water whereas adult dogs are between 50% to 60%. So give them enough water. The best food you can give your dog is commercial kibble. As said before they are found at any huge store but if you still feel unsure about this you can contact your vet who can give your personalized advice on your dogs dietary needs. Remember that proteins are the building blocks to everything your dog needs, tissue, bones… Everything.