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Bulldogs and the Health Issues they Face

Bulldogs and the Health Issues they Face

Bull dogs are favorite pets for families all over the world.  You will see them on commercials, and on the front of a Mac Truck.  You will probably see them as a mascot on one of your local sports teams.  These dogs are incredibly friendly, outgoing and they make great family pets.  Any purebred dog is going to come with their own unique set of health issues and the bulldog is no exception.  Before you bring one of these dogs home to be a new addition to the family you need to be aware of them.

Breathing Issues

Bulldogs along with some other popular breeds, like Pugs, Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terriers are brachycephalic.  This means their noses have narrower nasal passages and it can cause breathing issue for the.  When you have hot and humid weather in the summer you will definitely notice it and these dogs SNORE!  While it may seem cute that your dog snores like a lumberjack it can cause problems for the dog.  Here is what it looks like when your bulldogs has breathing issues.


These are not the most energetic of dog breeds out there, but as puppies they are pretty active.  However, as these dogs age they become far less active and that leads to the risk of obesity.  You need to make sure that they get the adequate amount of exercise and don’t overfeed them.  While they might love those treats you’re not doing your dog any favors by indulging them.

Elongated Soft Palate

According to the pet medicine company, Banixx, this is a fairly common health problem with bulldogs, an elongated soft palate happens when the roof of your dog’s mouth goes beyond the opening and goes into the larynx and the airways.  This doesn’t allow for the easy flow of air and the dog can’t breathe properly.  You dog with seem very short winded and breathing gets even more difficult.

If your dog suffers from this condition then you need to be very careful in the summer months.  Exercise will cause heavy panting and they will stop and lie down fairly often on a short walk.  On the plus side this condition can be easily fixed with surgery.  Talk to your vet about unblocking his air passages and help your dog breathe better. This can also help with any ear problems bull dogs experience as the ears and nose are connected. If your pooch does get an ear infection, perhaps from too much yeast in his ears, simply use the Banixx remedy to get rid of it.

Bulldogs can make great pets but this is not the dog you are going to take jogging with you.  You need to be aware of the limitations of the breed before you bring one home.  It is a great companion dog but it may not be the greatest for small kids. If you think your dog might have an ear infection, be sure to read up on what dog ear infection symptoms are like for most dogs.